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Nothing works harder, performs better or rides faster. It started with our revolutionary split-knob Holeshot® tires. Purpose-built for the rough-and-tumble of competition, ITP Holeshots provide the extra off-the-line traction competitors need to be first on the podium.

With the growth of desert racing, ITP has revolutionized the sport with of our Ultra Cross® R-Spec tire. Equipped with a non-directional tread pattern, 8-ply radial construction and special rim guard protection, Ultra Cross tires have been consistently winning and topping podiums from coast to coast.


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What our multi-champion riders say about ITP

"In desert racing its obvious that ITP Tires are the best and most versatile tire, no matter what race conditions I know that I can always count on my tires to not fail and get me to the finish line."

- Mitch Guthrie, Jr.



Jacob Carver TeamITP

"Once I ran the tire with extreme success I was hooked. ITP tires can take a beating for thousands of miles with no failures. I constantly pass other UTVs on the race course who are changing other manufacturer’s tires."

- Jacob Carver



Murray Racing TeamITP

"ITP is the most used tire in BITD and SCORE. With the UTV market growing so fast, And each year our car gets faster and faster, ITP has been able to stay ahead of the game and provide the most reliable product on the market!

- Jason Murray


Branden Sims - TeamITP

"I have continued to use ITP’s tires due to the fact that the Ultracross R-Spec has led me across the finish line in 1st place multiple times in the most grueling desert races without failure."

- Branden Sims



Justin Lambert Team ITP

"For desert racing the Ultracross is unmatched in toughness, less rolling resistance, and just the right amount of traction."

- Justin Lambert



Dustin Jones TeamITP

"Considering the race involvement ITP has had for many year and the success we had with ITP tires as independent racers, ITP was our first and only choice for tires when we started racing Best in the Desert."

- Dustin Jones



Mia Chapman Team ITP

"We have tested different tires on my modified kart and none of the preform like the ITP Holeshot does, it puts the power to the ground.

- Mia Chapman