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Blackwater Evolution®

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Experience unmatched performance and durability with the ITP Blackwater Evolution tire, the ultimate choice for off-road enthusiasts. Crafted with a tough 8-ply radial construction, this tire is designed to handle the most rugged terrains with ease, delivering exceptional traction and control in any condition. Don’t settle for ordinary tires – upgrade to the ITP Blackwater Evolution tire and conquer the trails with confidence. Made in the USA.


  • Built with an advanced radial construction, providing superior strength and durability for long-lasting performance
  • Aggressive tread pattern with deep lugs offers maximum traction and stability on a variety of terrains, from mud and rocks to gravel and hard pack
  • Specialized sidewall compound enhances puncture resistance, ensuring reliability and peace of mind during off-road adventures
  • Tough rubber compound offers exceptional wear and abrasion resistance

Applications:  All-Terrain, Intermediate, Rocks/Ruts, Mud, Soft/Loose, Snow

Technical Specifications

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SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (in)Mounted width (in)Rated load (lb)PSITread DepthWeight (lb)Additional Information
6P006025x11.00R12NHS825.81013603431 /3229.1
6P004026x11.00R12NHS826.89.714303431 /3230.1
6P004126x9.00R12NHS826.28.311703231 /3226.4
6P006327x11.00R12NHS827.810.315203431 /3230.3
6P006127x11.00R14NHS827.81014803431 /3231.8
6P006427x9.00R12NHS827.88.212303231 /3226.5
6P006227x9.00R14NHS827.88.512003231 /3227.8
6P010628x10.00R12NHS828.510.114303231 /3230.5
6P010228x10.00R14NHS828.59.813903231 /3231.1
6P011528x11.00R14NHS828.510.715703431 /3232.3
6P011328x9.00R14NHS828.28.712803231 /3229.8
6P011630x10.00R14NHS8309.915703231 /3233.2
SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (mm)Mounted width (mm)Rated load (kg)PSITread DepthWeight (kg)Additional Information
6P006025x11.00R12NHS8655.3254616.93431 /3213.2
6P004026x11.00R12NHS8680.7246.4648.63431 /3213.7
6P004126x9.00R12NHS8665.5209.6530.73231 /3212
6P006327x11.00R12NHS8706.1261.6689.53431 /3213.7
6P006127x11.00R14NHS8706.1254671.33431 /3214.4
6P006427x9.00R12NHS8706.1208.3557.93231 /3212
6P006227x9.00R14NHS8706.1215.9544.33231 /3212.6
6P010628x10.00R12NHS8723.9256.5648.63231 /3213.8
6P010228x10.00R14NHS8723.9248.9630.53231 /3214.1
6P011528x11.00R14NHS8723.9271.8712.13431 /3214.7
6P011328x9.00R14NHS8716.3221580.63231 /3213.5
6P011630x10.00R14NHS8762251.5712.13231 /3215.1

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