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Holeshot® Series
All Terrain | Hard Pack | Intermediate Surfaces | Mud | Rocks/Ruts | Sport ATV | Utility ATV

Holeshot® Series

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All Terrain
Hard Pack
Intermediate Surfaces
Sport ATV
Utility ATV

Unleash the full potential of your ATV with the ITP Holeshot® Series tire – a collection of top-tier, Made in the USA tires engineered for riders who demand nothing less than the best.

The Holeshot® Series Tires are proudly made in the USA, where they are meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Holeshot® ATR

  • Radial tire technology offers amazingly smooth ride quality – flexible sidewalls absorb trail shock
  • Super strong carcass tracks straight and offers unmatched cornering control
  • Applications:  All-Terrain, Intermediate, Soft/Loose

Holeshot® XCR

  • Ideal for 4-stroke sport machines
  • 6-ply tough yet light in weight
  • Lower in profile, narrower and lighter than our XC/XCT models
  • Special angled shoulder knob design provides increased side bite for faster, more controllable cornering
  • Applications:  All-Terrain, Hard Pack, Intermediate, Rocks/Ruts, Mud

Holeshot® XCT

  • Our tallest Holeshot tire, making it ideal for rocky desert terrain
  • Angled knob design provides increased side bite for faster cornering
  • Applications:  All-Terrain, Desert, Intermediate, Rocks/Ruts, Mud

Holeshot® MXR6

  • Front MXR6 features a longer-wearing tread compound
  • Rear MXR6 uses a reinforced carcass that minimizes stretching while maintaining a flat profile and providing consistent feel and performance
  • Applications:  Soft/Loose

Holeshot® XC

  • Offers added handling improvement on any sport quad
  • Most puncture-resistant sports tire on the market today
  • Ideal for desert riding and racing
  • An industry standard, this tire has enjoyed a long, winning history
  • Applications:  All-Terrain, Hard Pack, Intermediate, Rocks/Ruts

Holeshot® STD

  • One of the most-copied ATV tires – – often imitated, never duplicated!
  • Patented split-knob design make this one of the best-performing knobbies around
  • Applications:  All-Terrain, Intermediate, Rocks/Ruts

Holeshot® HD

  • The roughest, toughest Holeshot tire
  • Wide stance helps to climb out and stay out of ruts
  • Stepped shoulder knob design offers exceptional side bite and rut control
  • Stronger sidewall results in improved puncture resistance
  • Applications:  All-Terrain, Hard Pack, Intermediate, Rocks/Ruts, Soft/Loose

Holeshot® GNCC

  • The ultimate trail riding and GNCC Racing tire
  • Steers light tracks straight and offer a smooth ride
  • Exceptional grip, balanced cornering, and unbeatable clean-out
  • Extended wear compound and puncture-resistant
  • Applications:  All-Terrain, Intermediate, Rocks/Ruts, Soft/Loose

Technical Specifications

Product Family
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SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (in)Mounted width (in)Rated load (lb)PSITread DepthWeight (lb)Additional Information
53202318x10-8218.110260718 /3212.3
53202418x10-92189.5260719 /3210.4
532070205/80R12624.57.7340719 /3214.8
53202520x10-9620.19.6300719 /3214.2
53203520x11-10421.17.13301016 /3215.1
53203120x11-8420.811.3330716 /3214.3
53201220x11-9620.810.6340719 /3218.7
53203220X11-9420.610.8340716 /3216.1
53203420x11-9620.610340716 /3216.4
53205420X11-9620.110.2340717 /3214.7
53202120x6-10219.96.3185711 /329
53200921x7-10621.37.2235714 /3212.5
53202921x7-10621.56.2235719 /3212.1
53204021x7-10220.48235714 /3211
53705122x11-10621.910.6385719 /3219.6
53203822x11-962211.7395719 /3218.7
53201122x7-106226.5255714 /3212.4
53204522x7-10422.17.3255714 /3213.2
53704723x7-10422.87.32751014 /3214
532067270/60R12625.310.4455719 /3221.4
SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (mm)Mounted width (mm)Rated load (kg)PSITread DepthWeight (kg)Additional Information
53202318x10-82459.7254117.9718 /325.6
53202418x10-92457.2241.3117.9719 /324.7
532070205/80R126622.3194.3154.2719 /326.7
53202520x10-96510.5243.8136.1719 /326.4
53203520x11-104536.7180.3149.71016 /326.8
53203120x11-84528.3287149.7716 /326.5
53201220x11-96528.3269.2154.2719 /328.5
53203220X11-94523.2274.3154.2716 /327.3
53203420x11-96523.2254154.2716 /327.4
53205420X11-96510.5259.1154.2717 /326.7
53202120x6-102504.216083.9711 /324.1
53200921x7-106541.5181.6106.6714 /325.7
53202921x7-106546.1157.5106.6719 /325.5
53204021x7-102518.2204106.6714 /325
53705122x11-106556.3268.5174.6719 /328.9
53203822x11-96558.8297.2179.2719 /328.5
53201122x7-106559.1164.6115.7714 /325.6
53204522x7-104560.3184.2115.7714 /326
53704723x7-104577.9184.2124.71014 /326.4
532067270/60R126641.4264.2206.4719 /329.7

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