Best Used For: Utility ATV/UTV/SxS

Inertia® offers both strength and style. Closer to OE offsets compliment the original vehicle design, the Inertia® offers premium fitment and handling in a true bead lock wheel. Built with ITP’s Rock Armor inner wheel lip for unequaled structural integrity, the Inertia® is the wheel of choice for extreme conditions. 

  • Matte black finish with machined edges
  • Closer to OE offsets for optimum fitment and performance 
  • 1200 lbs load rating
  • Limited Lifetime warranty against bending or breaking
  • ITP Exclusive ROCK ARMOR inner wheel lip
  • Center cap and valve stem included
  • Beadlock insures outer bead stays seated in demanding environments

SKUSizeBolt PatternOffsets PSFinishSideWeight (POUND)Additional Information
1422523727B14x74x1365+2 (+30mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents16.0000
1422524727B14x74x1366+1 (+50mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents16.0000
1422525727B14x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents16.0000
1422526727B14x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents16.0000
1522527727B15x74x1365+2 (+30mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents18.0000
1522528727B15x74x1366+1 (+50mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents18.0000
1522529727B15x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents18.0000
1522530727B15x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents18.0000
SKUSizeBolt PatternOffsets PSFinishSideWeight (KILOGRAM)Additional Information
1422523727B14x74x1365+2 (+30mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents7.0000
1422524727B14x74x1366+1 (+50mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents7.0000
1422525727B14x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents7.0000
1422526727B14x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents7.0000
1522527727B15x74x1365+2 (+30mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents8.0000
1522528727B15x74x1366+1 (+50mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents8.0000
1522529727B15x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents8.0000
1522530727B15x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents8.0000
Proposition 65 Warning Proposition 65 Warning

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