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Utility ATV/UTV/SxS


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Utility ATV/UTV/SxS

Revolutionize your off-road adventures with the ITP Inertia® wheel – a blend of strength and style that redefines the off-road experience. Designed to seamlessly complement your vehicle’s original aesthetics, the Inertia® wheel not only delivers premium fitment and exceptional handling but also adds a rugged touch to your ride that impresses. Crafted with ITP’s renowned Rock Armor inner wheel lip, this wheel ensures unmatched structural integrity, making it the ultimate choice for conquering the most extreme conditions.


  • ITP Exclusive Rock Armor inner wheel lip for unparalleled structural integrity
  • Available in Matte Black with Machined Accents or Bronze finishes for versatile style options
  • Close-to-OE offsets ensure superior fitment and performance
  • 1200 lbs load rating for durability in tough terrains
  • Beadlock technology provides secure bead seating for enhanced safety and control
  • Center cap and valve stem included

Technical Specifications

Product Family
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SKUSizeBolt PatternOffsets PSFinishSideWeight (lb)Additional Information
1422525729B14x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Bronze with Black Ring15.2
1422526729B14x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Bronze with Black Ring15.2
1422523727B14x74x1365+2 (+30mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents15.2
1422524727B14x74x1366+1 (+50mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents15.2
1422525727B14x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents15.2
1422526727B14x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents15.2
1522529729B15x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Bronze with Black Ring17.4
1522530729B15x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Bronze with Black Ring17.4
1522527727B15x74x1365+2 (+30mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents17.4
1522528727B15x74x1366+1 (+50mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents17.4
1522529727B15x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents17.4
1522530727B15x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents17.4
SKUSizeBolt PatternOffsets PSFinishSideWeight (kg)Additional Information
1422525729B14x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Bronze with Black Ring6.9
1422526729B14x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Bronze with Black Ring6.9
1422523727B14x74x1365+2 (+30mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents6.9
1422524727B14x74x1366+1 (+50mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents6.9
1422525727B14x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents6.9
1422526727B14x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents6.9
1522529729B15x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Bronze with Black Ring7.9
1522530729B15x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Bronze with Black Ring7.9
1522527727B15x74x1365+2 (+30mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents7.9
1522528727B15x74x1366+1 (+50mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents7.9
1522529727B15x74x1365+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents7.9
1522530727B15x74x1565+2 (+40mm)Matte Black w/ Machined Accents7.9

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