Mud Lite® II
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All Terrain
Intermediate Surfaces
Loose Surfaces
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Utility ATV
Transform your off-road escapades with the ITP Mud Lite® II tire – an upgraded rendition of a classic, meticulously engineered for SXS and ATVs. As a member of the Mud Lite family, this tire merges a redesigned tread pattern with enhanced mud clean-out and ride comfort, ensuring top-notch performance on every adventure. Made in the USA.


  • Redesigned tread pattern offers improved traction and mud clean-out, providing ultimate grip even in the toughest conditions
  • Enhanced shoulder protection and mud-breaking lugs prevent getting stuck
  • Stabilizing cords minimize flex, optimizing performance for SxS vehicles and ensuring a stable ride
  • Tough rubber compound delivers exceptional wear resistance, promising durability and longevity
  • Proudly made in the USA with a 6-ply rated construction, guaranteeing reliability and peak performance
Applications:  All-Terrain,  Intermediate, Rocks/Ruts, Mud, Soft/Loose, Snow

Technical Specifications

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SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (in)Mounted width (in)Rated load (lb)PSITread DepthWeight (lb)Additional Information
6P088723x10.00-12623.99.24301820 /3220.8
6P088623x8.00-12623.483551820 /3217.9
6P052825x10.00-12625.3104951824 /3225.8
6P052725x8.00-12625.28.24101824 /3222.1
6P053026x11.00-12626.311.35651833 /3234.3
6P052926x9.00-12626.29.14801833 /3228.7
6P052627x11.00-12627.610.86151833 /3235.8
6P053227x11.00-14627.610.86001833 /3232.6
6P052527x9.00-12627.49.45201833 /3229.2
6P053127x9.00-14627.48.74951833 /3228.4
6P053428x11.00-14628.810.66401833 /3237.6
6P053328x9.00-14628.49.15351833 /3234.1
6P052430x11.00-14630.811.27151834 /3242.6
6P052330x9.00-14629.99.26151834 /3237.3
SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (mm)Mounted width (mm)Rated load (kg)PSITread DepthWeight (kg)Additional Information
6P088723x10.00-126607.1232.41951820 /329.4
6P088623x8.00-126593.1203.21611820 /328.1
6P052825x10.00-126641.4254224.51824 /3211.7
6P052725x8.00-126640.1208.31861824 /3210
6P053026x11.00-126668.3286.8256.31833 /3215.6
6P052926x9.00-126664.2230.9217.71833 /3213
6P052627x11.00-126701.5275.12791833 /3216.2
6P053227x11.00-146699.8273.1272.21833 /3214.8
6P052527x9.00-126695.2238.5235.91833 /3213.2
6P053127x9.00-146694.7221224.51833 /3212.9
6P053428x11.00-146732.3268.5290.31833 /3217
6P053328x9.00-146720.9230.6242.71833 /3215.5
6P052430x11.00-146781.3284.5324.31834 /3219.3
6P052330x9.00-146758.4233.72791834 /3216.9

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