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    Experience precision handling and superior flotation on the dunes with our lightweight yet durable ITP Sand Star® tires. Crafted with a special rubber compound for optimal carving, these tires feature a dual-rib center design for remarkable steering control on the front, while the rear Sand Star® tires provide massive traction and acceleration with eight 30mm paddles and mini-scoops. With a 2-ply rated construction, these tires are perfect for sand applications, ensuring unmatched performance and durability for dune enthusiasts.


      • Lightweight yet durable carcass
      • Special rubber compound for optimal flotation and flexibility
      • Dual-rib center design for remarkable steering control on front tires
      • Eight 30mm paddles and mini-scoops on rear tires for massive traction and acceleration

      Applications:  Sand

      Technical Specifications

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      SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (in)Mounted width (in)Rated load (lb)PSITread DepthWeight (lb)Additional Information
      500052618x9.50-82_star18.18.5135529 /329
      500053618x9.50-82_star18.28.5135529 /329
      500051619x6-102_star18.65.9165513 /326.8
      500045620x11-102_star21.39.6235537 /3212.6
      500046620x11-102_star21.39.6235537 /3212.6
      500043620x11-82_star21.39.7240537 /3212.1
      500044620x11-82_star21.39.9240537 /3212.1
      500049620x11-92_star21.39.7240537 /3211.8
      500050620x11-92_star21.49.7240537 /3211.8
      500041621x7-102_star21.16.9165514 /329.8
      500047622x11-102_star21.99.9265537 /3213.6
      500048622x11-102_star22.89.8265537 /3213.6
      500042622x8-102_star21.87.7200516 /3210.4
      500076626x11-122_star26.39.9385530 /3217.1
      500077626x11-122_star26.49.9385530 /3217.1
      500078626x9-122_star26.18.1385519 /3214.1
      SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (mm)Mounted width (mm)Rated load (kg)PSITread DepthWeight (kg)Additional Information
      500052618x9.50-82_star459.2215.961.2529 /324.1
      500053618x9.50-82_star461.8215.461.2529 /324.1
      500051619x6-102_star471.4150.174.8513 /323.1
      500045620x11-102_star541243.6106.6537 /325.7
      500046620x11-102_star540.5243.3106.6537 /325.7
      500043620x11-82_star542245.1108.9537 /325.5
      500044620x11-82_star541.8250.4108.9537 /325.5
      500049620x11-92_star540.3246.1108.9537 /325.4
      500050620x11-92_star543.3246.4108.9537 /325.4
      500041621x7-102_star534.7175.874.8514 /324.4
      500047622x11-102_star557251120.2537 /326.2
      500048622x11-102_star579.4248.2120.2537 /326.2
      500042622x8-102_star554.2194.690.7516 /324.7
      500076626x11-122_star668250.7174.6530 /327.8
      500077626x11-122_star670.8251.2174.6530 /327.8
      500078626x9-122_star662.2204.5174.6519 /326.4

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