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SS Alloy SS312
Utility ATV | UTV/SxS

SS Alloy SS312

Best used for

Utility ATV

SS312 joins the proven SS Alloy line as one of the strongest, lightest and best looking one-piece aluminum wheels on the market today!


  • Features a stealthy matte black finish with bright, diamond-cut machined accents topped with a heavy clear coat
  • Built using ITP’s exclusive Advancecast process to exact QS 9000 quality specifications
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Matching SS wheel cap is included

Technical Specifications

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SKUSizeBolt PatternOffsets PSFinishSideWeight (lb)Additional Information
1228462536B12x74x43+4Black w/ Machined AccentsBoth9
1228439536B12x74x1105+2Black w/ MachinedBoth13.4
1228440536B12x74x1102+5Black w/ MachinedBoth13.4
1228441536B12x74x1564+3Black w/ MachinedBoth13.4
1228442536B12x74x1375+2Black w/ MachinedBoth13.4
1228443536B12x74x1375+2Black w/ MachinedBoth13.4
1228444536B12x74x1155+2Black w/ Machined AccentsBoth14
1428445536B14x64x1104+2Black w/ MachinedBoth11
1428448536B14x64x1564+2Black w/ MachinedBoth11
1428454536B14x64x1374+2Black w/ MachinedBoth11
1428452536B14x64x1374+2Black w/ Machined AccentsBoth11
1428466404B14x64x43+3Black w/ Machined AccentsBoth11
1428446536B14x84x1103+5Black w/ MachinedBoth13
1428447536B14x84x1105+3Black w/ MachinedBoth13
1428449536B14x84x1565+3Black w/ MachinedBoth11
1428453536B14x84x1375+3Black w/ MachinedBoth13
1428455536B14x84x1375+3Black w/ MachinedBoth13
SKUSizeBolt PatternOffsets PSFinishSideWeight (kg)Additional Information
1228462536B12x74x43+4Black w/ Machined AccentsBoth4.1
1228439536B12x74x1105+2Black w/ MachinedBoth6.1
1228440536B12x74x1102+5Black w/ MachinedBoth6.1
1228441536B12x74x1564+3Black w/ MachinedBoth6.1
1228442536B12x74x1375+2Black w/ MachinedBoth6.1
1228443536B12x74x1375+2Black w/ MachinedBoth6.1
1228444536B12x74x1155+2Black w/ Machined AccentsBoth7
1428445536B14x64x1104+2Black w/ MachinedBoth5
1428448536B14x64x1564+2Black w/ MachinedBoth5
1428454536B14x64x1374+2Black w/ MachinedBoth5
1428452536B14x64x1374+2Black w/ Machined AccentsBoth5
1428466404B14x64x43+3Black w/ Machined AccentsBoth5
1428446536B14x84x1103+5Black w/ MachinedBoth5.9
1428447536B14x84x1105+3Black w/ MachinedBoth5.9
1428449536B14x84x1565+3Black w/ MachinedBoth5
1428453536B14x84x1375+3Black w/ MachinedBoth5.9
1428455536B14x84x1375+3Black w/ MachinedBoth5.9

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