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The powerful Tornado wheel spins circles around the competition with its head-turning design, outstanding load rating, and unbeatable durability.


  • Eight spoke center configuration with beveled edges as well as unmatched structural integrity for conquering challenging terrain.
  • Offers ITP Exclusive “Rock Armor” inner wheel lip to provide unequaled structural integrity.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Includes valve stem and center cap

Technical Specifications

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SKUSizeBolt PatternOffsets PSFinishSideWeight (lb)Additional Information
1421950727B14x74/1105+2Matte Black w/MilledBoth13.2
1421951727B14x74/1365+2Matte Black w/MilledBoth13.2
1421952727B14x74/1564+3Matte Black w/MilledBoth13.2
1421954727B14x74/1102+5Matte Black w/MilledBoth13.2
1521956727B15x74/1105+2Matte Black w/MilledBoth14.4
1521957727B15x74/1365+2Matte Black w/MilledBoth14.4
1521958727B15x74/1564+3Matte Black w/MilledBoth14.4
SKUSizeBolt PatternOffsets PSFinishSideWeight (kg)Additional Information
1421950727B14x74/1105+2Matte Black w/MilledBoth6
1421951727B14x74/1365+2Matte Black w/MilledBoth6
1421952727B14x74/1564+3Matte Black w/MilledBoth6
1421954727B14x74/1102+5Matte Black w/MilledBoth6
1521956727B15x74/1105+2Matte Black w/MilledBoth6.5
1521957727B15x74/1365+2Matte Black w/MilledBoth6.5
1521958727B15x74/1564+3Matte Black w/MilledBoth6.5

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