Versa Cross® V3
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Elevate your UTV’s performance with the ITP Versa Cross® V3 tire, your ultimate companion for tackling hard pack to intermediate terrains. Designed for modern high-performance UTVs, this tire offers extreme performance that’s second to none. Compliant with DOT test standards, this tire offers both performance and safety, suitable for a wide range of off-road adventures. With 8-ply rated radial construction and increased sidewall strength, you can venture into the unknown with confidence.

  • Super-deep rim guard designed to protect the rim lip on styled aftermarket wheels
  • “Tough Tread” rubber compound protects against cuts, chips, and tread wear


Tread Design:

  • 3/4 -inch lug depth with center lug channels
  • Shoulder lugs enhanced with contour changes and channel cuts to promote ease of steering on low profile sizes and increases traction in slick and rutted conditions
  • Additional channel cuts in tread face lugs increase biting edges


  • Additional channel cuts improve traction on slick rock and in wet, muddy conditions
  • Excellent for hard pack to intermediate terrain


  • Compliant with DOT test standards
  • 8 ply rated radial construction
  • Reinforced belts provide increased traction and improved puncture resistance
  • Increased sidewall strength offers superior stability and puncture protection
  • Made in USA

Technical Specifications

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SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (in)Mounted width (in)Rated load (lb)PSITread DepthWeight (lb)Additional Information
6P137428x10.00R14828.49.46002624 /3234.7
6P138028x10.00R18 NHS828.99.25502624 /3232
6P176330x10.00R14 NHS830.39.814002624 /3239.6
6P176230x10.00R15 NHS830.49.613702624 /3240.1
6P176132x10.00R14 NHS832.510.115852624 /3242.6
6P176032x10.00R15832.59.715552624 /3242.8
6P137533x10.00R15833.4108052624 /3244
6P137633x10.00R18 NHS833.99.57502624 /3240
6P137733x10.00R20833.99.67202624 /3244.6
6P176435x10.00R15 NHS835.310.318702624 /3255.4
6P137835x10.00R18835.79.68452624 /3241.8
6P137935x10.00R20835.99.58052624 /3245.1
SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (mm)Mounted width (mm)Rated load (kg)PSITread DepthWeight (kg)Additional Information
6P137428x10.00R148721.4238.8272.22624 /3215.7
6P138028x10.00R18 NHS8734.1233.7249.52624 /3214.5
6P176330x10.00R14 NHS8769.1249.96352624 /3218
6P176230x10.00R15 NHS8771.1244.9621.42624 /3218.2
6P176132x10.00R14 NHS8825.5257.3718.92624 /3219.3
6P176032x10.00R158825.5247.1705.32624 /3219.4
6P137533x10.00R158848.4254365.12624 /3219.9
6P137633x10.00R18 NHS8861.1241.3340.22624 /3218.2
6P137733x10.00R208861.1243.8326.62624 /3220.2
6P176435x10.00R15 NHS8896.6261.6848.22624 /3225.1
6P137835x10.00R188906.8243.8383.32624 /3219
6P137935x10.00R208911.9241.3365.12624 /3220.4

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Review Man
Love this Tire!
Reviewed on July 8, 2024

I’ve used these tires on my SXS for a good bit and no issues!

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