Budget-Friendly Wheel and Tire Options for ATVs and UTVs

Blogs, News, Press releases: April 17, 2024
ITP Mud Lite® II on Polaris

When it comes to outfitting your ATV or UTV with reliable and high-quality wheels and tires without breaking the bank, some powersports and utility vehicle drivers can feel overwhelmed. ITP has got you covered, so we wanted to dive into two budget-friendly options that promise durability, performance, and value: the Delta Steel wheels paired with the Mud Lite Series and Mud Lite II tires. The combination of ITP’s Delta Steel wheels and Mud Lite tires is a winning formula for those seeking rugged performance without the hefty price tag.

The Delta Steel wheel line from ITP offers the perfect blend of affordability and quality. Featuring precision-rolled rims, these wheels ensure durability and strength, making them ideal for tackling challenging terrain. The lightweight D-window center design not only looks sleek but also adds to the wheel’s overall resilience.

Now, onto the Mud Lite tire series, which is renowned for its reliability and versatility. Available in various configurations, including Mud Lite AT, Mud Lite XL, Mud Lite XXL, and Mud Lite Sport, these tires boast a 6-ply rated construction for robust performance. With lug depths ranging from ¾ inch to 1-1/8 inch, they provide excellent traction on a variety of terrains, including mud, rocks, snow, and soft surfaces. Whether you’re navigating through dense forests or cruising over sandy dunes, Mud Lite tires are up to the task, with a Sport model ensuring buyers can opt for maximum sport performance in their tire choices.

Building upon the success of the classic Mud Lite series, the Mud Lite II tire introduces a redesigned tread pattern for enhanced traction and mud clean-out. The improved shoulder protection design and mud-breaking lugs ensure optimal performance in the toughest conditions. Stabilizing cords reduce flex, providing a smoother ride and greater durability. Whether you’re tackling rocky trails or plowing through deep mud, Mud Lite II tires deliver the traction and reliability you need.

When it comes to outfitting your ATV or UTV with budget-friendly yet high-performance wheels and tires, ITP’s Delta Steel wheels paired with Mud Lite tires are an unbeatable combination. Whether you’re a weekend warrior hitting the trails or a utility worker navigating rugged terrain on a job site, these affordable options offer the durability, traction, and reliability you demand. Don’t compromise when you can have it all. Gear up with ITP wheels and tires and hit the trails with confidence!

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