Winter Riding: The Best ITP Tires for Snow and Ice

Blogs, News: December 13, 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so they like to say, but it’s not all snow angels and sleigh rides. The winter season brings a unique set of challenges for ATV and UTV riders. As the trails transform under snow and ice, the need for specialized tires becomes paramount. ITP’s range of winter tires merges advanced technology with robust design, offering solutions that excel in these demanding conditions. While some may choose to pack it in for the winter, others are more than ready to bundle up in their winter best to spend hours bracing the elements.

Whether it’s for work or play, having the right tires for any condition can make or break your riding experience, and it’s not always easy to decide which tire is going to be best for your unique situation. We’ve put together our top picks for tacking the snow and ice as a jumping point for any off-road enthusiast looking to level up when the temps drop way down.

First and Foremost, Why Bother with Winter Tires at All?

Not all rubber is made to handle the heat of summer, or the frigid cold of winter. Winter tires tend to get soft when temperatures start to climb, and summer tires tend to get too hard and lose their grip, so unless you’re looking to slide side to side, it’s best to swap with the season. This is where ITP’s winter-specific tires come in – designed to maintain flexibility and provide reliable traction in freezing conditions; they are essential for safe and effective navigation through winter terrain. So, which set is right for you?

ITP’s Top Choices for Winter Conditions:


The Cryptid® is tailored for deep snow and muddy conditions. Its aggressive tread and angled lugs offer remarkable traction and self-cleaning capabilities, crucial for maintaining grip in challenging winter environments.

Mayhem® Series:

Including variants like Mega Mayhem and Monster Mayhem, the Mayhem series features diverse tread depths, ideal for different severities of winter terrain. Their aggressive pattern provides substantial bite in deep snow.

Mud Lite® Series:

Balancing performance and comfort, the Mud Lite® Series is versatile. Effective in both snow and slush, these tires offer a smooth ride on hard-packed snow and reliable grip in softer conditions.

Blackwater Evolution®:

An all-terrain champion, the Blackwater Evolution® performs admirably in winter settings. Its 8-ply radial construction and non-directional tread provide stability and enduring performance, with deep lugs for significant snow traction.

Mud Lite® II:

Building on its predecessor, the Mud Lite® II features an enhanced tread pattern for better traction in snow and mud, complete with shoulder lugs for additional grip.

Holeshot® Series:

Known for lightweight design and puncture resistance, the Holeshot® Series, including models like Holeshot® ATR and XCT, offers agility and speed, ensuring reliable traction on snow-covered trails.

What Makes ITP the Best Choice?

Equipping your ATV or UTV with the right tires is vital for enjoying winter riding safely and enjoyably. ITP’s specialized winter tires provide the reliability, traction, and durability needed to conquer snow and ice. Our tires incorporate rubber compounds that remain flexible in cold temperatures, ensuring superior grip on icy surfaces, and can easily withstand winter’s harshness without compromising performance. With our advanced technology and rigorous testing parameters, we’re able to give riders of all experience levels the confidence to conquer every terrain, 365 days a year.

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