Gear Up For Mud Nationals 2024 With These ATV/UTV Upgrades

Blogs, News, Press releases: March 14, 2024
UTV in the woods with the MT911 tire

As we head further into 2024, the world of off-roading continues to evolve with exciting innovations and trends in ATV/UTV upgrades. With Mud Nationals just around the corner, now is the perfect time to gear up and elevate your off-road experience. 

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top ATV/UTV upgrades for tackling even the murkiest mud terrains.

Powersports Trends of 2024

In 2024, ATV/UTV trends are evolving in line with advancements in electric vehicle technology and smart features. Battery manufacturers are introducing cutting-edge technology to increase range and decrease recharge times, while ATV manufacturers are responding with high-torque electric motors for enhanced power on climbs and obstacle navigation. 


Gas-powered vehicles are also seeing advancements, with turbocharged technology providing a significant boost in horsepower and acceleration for those seeking high performance.


Adaptive suspension systems with terrain sensors are becoming standard, adjusting shock absorbers in real-time for optimal ride quality. New tire tread patterns are being designed to maximize traction and vehicle control, complementing lightweight yet durable chassis designs that improve maneuverability and range. 


Additionally, the integration of smart technology, autonomous safety features, and augmented reality enhances rider safety, comfort, and entertainment, offering features like communication, collision detection, and trail overlays.

Customization Options for Your ATV/UTV

Preparing your ATV/UTV for off-road adventures involves strategic upgrades to tackle diverse terrains effectively. Here are some essential upgrades to consider:

    • Add A Winch 
      A winch is essential for serious off-roaders tackling challenging terrains like mud pits. Look for durable, waterproof winches with sufficient pulling capacity to handle tough situations.
    • Tire Upgrades
      Choose high-quality mud tires with aggressive tread patterns and self-cleaning capabilities for maximum traction in muddy conditions. With the right tires, you’ll navigate through mud pits with confidence and control.
    • LED Lights
      Upgrade your ATV/UTV with powerful LED lights to illuminate the trail ahead and enhance safety, especially during nighttime or low-light conditions. Waterproof LED light bars or auxiliary lights add both visibility and style to your vehicle.
    • Additional Storage
      Invest in cargo racks, storage boxes, or saddlebags to keep your essentials organized and secure for off-road adventures. Extra storage enhances versatility and ensures you’re well-equipped for any journey.
    • Brake Upgrades
      Upgrade your ATV/UTV’s brakes with high-performance pads, rotors, or brake lines for improved stopping power and responsiveness. Reliable brakes are essential for maintaining control and safety in challenging muddy terrains.

The Best ATV/UTV Tires For Mud Riding: Our Top Picks

The MT911 tire is an ideal choice for mud riding thanks to its durable construction and innovative design. Featuring 1.5-inch lugs for exceptional traction and a center flex zone that rapidly cleans out mud, it ensures smooth navigation through the muddiest trails. With aggressive shoulder lugs and a tough tread rubber compound, this tire resists abrasions, chips, and cuts while providing excellent handling on rutted and rocky mud terrain. The multi-angled lugs offer extra biting edges for enhanced traction and a comfortable ride, making the MT911 tire a standout option for off-road enthusiasts seeking reliable performance in challenging conditions.

The Mud Lite Series by ITP Tires stands out as an exceptional choice for mud riding, offering versatility across various terrains. With its 6 ply rated construction and USA-made quality, it guarantees durability and reliability. Within the series, there are several options:

  • Mud Lite AT: 3/4 inch lugs
  • Mud Lite XL: 1-1/8 inch lugs
  • Mud Lite XXL: 1.3 inch lugs 
  • Mud Lite Sport: 3/4 inch lugs

Whether tackling mud, rocks, snow, or soft surfaces, the Mud Lite Series excels, making it the go-to choice for off-road enthusiasts seeking peak performance and reliability.

The Mud Lite XTR tire is an excellent option for tackling mud terrain, featuring a low-profile sidewall for predictable handling in extreme conditions. Its aggressive tread design with deep, angled lugs provides exceptional traction, while the 6-ply rated radial construction ensures durability. Available in 12-inch and 14-inch options, it offers flexibility for various terrain types, making it a reliable choice for off-road enthusiasts seeking superior performance. 


Proudly made in the USA, this tire combines durability and traction, making it a top pick for adventurous mud riding experiences.

For mud riding enthusiasts, the Cryptid Tire excels in tackling the toughest muck with its specialized design. Its paddle-like shoulder configuration ensures maximum side bite for navigating through mud while maintaining comfort on trails and hard pack surfaces. Featuring a proven “chevron” style tread pattern and graduated lug height ranging from 1.5 to 2 inches, this tire delivers unparalleled forward traction, while grooved center lugs channel away mud and debris. 


Constructed with 6-ply rated construction and made in the USA, the Cryptid tire is a durable and reliable option for conquering mud and snow-covered terrains with ease.

The Mud Lite II tire is a twist on a beloved classic, designed for both SxSs and ATVs. Its updated tread pattern enhances traction, facilitates mud clean-out, and improves overall ride comfort. Notable performance enhancements include improved shoulder protection, mud-breaking lugs, and stabilizing cords that minimize flex for optimized SxS vehicle performance. 


With sizes ranging from 23 to 30 inches tall and compatibility with 12- and 14-inch rims, this tire offers versatility across various terrain types, all while boasting a tough rubber compound for exceptional wear resistance and 6-ply rated construction for durability. Proudly made in the USA, the Mud Lite II tire caters to a wide range of applications, making it a top choice for those challenging and muddy terrains.

The Blackwater Evolution tire is an outstanding choice for mud riding, renowned for its durability and stability. Its innovative, non-directional design ensures excellent traction in various terrains, including mud and snow. With a tough rubber compound and 8-ply rated radial construction, this tire offers exceptional wear and abrasion resistance, promising a smooth, reliable ride. Proudly made in the USA, it caters to all-terrain, intermediate, and challenging conditions, making it a versatile and reliable option for off-road enthusiasts seeking superior performance.

Proudly made in the USA and 6-ply rated, the Mayhem Series tires excel in mud riding with their durable construction and puncture resistance. With a tread depth of 1 inch, the Mayhem® tires offer a smooth ride and enhanced handling, while the lightweight carcass ensures comfort on trails. For even more extreme conditions, the Mega Mayhem® tires with a 1.5-inch tread depth deliver remarkable traction on various terrains, including mud and snow. 


Additionally, the Mammoth Mayhem and Monster Mayhem tires boast deep lug depths of 2 inches and 1.75 inches respectively, providing unparalleled traction in the deepest mud and soft terrains, making them ideal choices for maximum performance and durability.

As Mud Nationals approach, now is the perfect time to gear up your ATV/UTV with these essential upgrades. From winches and tires to LED lights and brake enhancements, these upgrades can enhance your off-road experience and prepare you for the challenges ahead. 


Remember to choose high-quality products from trusted brands like ITP Tires to ensure reliability and performance on every adventure. So, gear up, hit the trails, and embrace the thrill of off-roading with confidence!

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